"On behalf of myself and all of my ARE crew and family, THANK YOU for an amazing performance on Saturday night at Brewbaker's! What a great show, people are still talking about how great you all were! You were so supportive of our event and just a great group of guys. THANK YOU! We look forward to seeing you perform again soon."

- Amanda Unger, President - Board of Directors, Aids Response Effort

"I wanted to share what a "hit" Old Lady Afro was at our recent fundraiser at the Australian Embassy.  They played a great mix of songs at our charity event to benefit Washington DC Youth Rugby Club.  They donated their time and talent to raise money for inner city children that participate in a program to get fit and active while playing the international game of rugby. 

Old Lady Afro was ever reliable and easy to work with in advance, during set up and while the event was taking place.  I am sure they were a draw and increased the number of attendees at our event.  Many guests stayed longer than anticipated - dancing and singing while enjoying a wonderful concert.  I would recommend the band to other organizations in the area looking to create a fantastic musical atmosphere at their next event. 
Because we are charity the runs with minimal volunteers, I was especially grateful of the spouse of the band's lighting technician who arrived early and helped chop vegetables, assemble cheese platters then during the evening refreshed the platters and clear up.  What a great bunch of people associated with Old Lady Afro!  I can't wait to book them again."

  - Martha Evans, Embassy of Australia, Board Member, Washington DC Youth Rugby

"Old Lady Afro played at our fundraiser for Washington DC Youth Rugby held at The Embassy of Australia.  The band was awesome!  Our hosts at The Embassy gushed about how good they were and invited them back to play at their holiday party.  They kept the crowd going throughout the night playing a good mix of songs and providing a great atmosphere.  As a result of having Old Lady Afro play our event, the crowd stayed longer than usual and we raised more money than we ever have!" 

- Brian Mihelic, President, Washington DC Youth Rugby

"Old Lady Afro did not disappoint. They showed up on time, set up their stuff efficiently, tested systems and were ready to jam. They understood that a birthday party had a timing flow to follow and executed on the plan nicely. Two solid sets with the best jams from the 80s and 90s. How does a band deliver on Cameo's Word Up right after Echo & The Bunnyman's Lips Like Sugar? I don't know, but it worked--very well. They didn't even get upset when a friend grabbed the second mike to takeover backup do-do-doing to Duran Duran. Who knew the grass would be damaged from dancing? Who knew neighbors would ask weeks later if I knew who had that awesome band playing? By simply hosting the band I built street cred I didn't even know I needed. Now I never want a party without them. And they are some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. No pretense, no drama. They just look like they want to be there, want to be together and that they're having the time of their lives. Infectious."

 - Carrie Cahoon, Brew & Que (Private Event)